Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Microman Magne Power Hurricane Bird

Hurricane Bird was the next offering by Takara for their Microman revival series, and was a companion piece for Cougar, Jaguar and the respective Robotmen Ace, Cross and Baron.

Like Cougar and Jaguar Hurricane Bird can be merged to be used as power-up for the Robotmen figures. Also like the other Magne Animals this one has control bars so their Micromen companions can ride them as vehicles into battle.

In the anime the animals, much like the Robotmen, contained advanced AI circuitry which allowed them to act autonomously. The figure also has a multitude of articulation points making it highly poseable.

The main body of Hurricane Bird can be turned into a mobile ski platform when his power-up parts are in use...

...but the real fun is combining the parts with your available Robotman.

Due to the colour scheme the figure works best with with Robotman Ace, but that doesn't mean he is exclusive to this bird. It can also work with Baron and Cross as well.

In conclusion this is a great addition to your Magne Micro accessories.

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